Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Koo Hye Sun

Koo Hye Sun is a South Korean popular actress and also a singer, who has recently gained fame in a hit drama, Pure in Heart as a starring role, Gukhwa and also sang the title song of it. She has been active ever since. Her most current drama is The King and I as the Lady Yun, SBS popular drama that is gaining average of over 20% those days. She also has gained attention for appearing as a cameo role in the film, August Rush as one beggar. She started debuting in drama by appearing in 2005's Nonstop 5. She has wide career as an actress. Her most current role is as the role of Yoon So Hwa in "The King and I". Her most famous drama is Pure in Heart that gained average ratings of over 30%. Koo Hye Sun has been cast as the heroine of the much anticipated drama, ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ On October 5th, Koo Hye Sun’s spokesperson revealed that, “Koo Hye Sun has to make haste and join the cast to begin filming in the middle of this month. She had been interested in contributing to this Korean Version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ even before the announcement,” and that, “she is highly enthusiastic about performing in this drama.”

Name: Koo Hye Sun
Profession: Actress, singer
Date of birth: 1984-Nov-09
Horoscope: Scorpio
Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Weight: 42kg
Blood type: A
Hobby: Singing and Drawing
Favorite food: Slices of raw fish, crab and sushi
Favorite color: Yellow


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