Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kan Mi Youn

Kan Mi-youn, a former member of the female dance group Babyvox, has returned to the singing stage as a solo artist with her album “Refreshing.” The new album features various genres of music, with the ballad “My Ex-Girlfriend” composed by Bang Shi-hyeok as its title song.

Name: Kan Mi Youn
Birthday: February 2, 1982
School Career: KyungGi University
Family: Lastborn; parents, older brother
Hobbies: Listen to sad songs, Read a collection of poems, snacking
Address: Seoul
Height: 170cm (about 5'5"-5'6")
Weight: 47kg (about 103lbs)
Blood type: O
Nickname: "MoGiBap"(Mosquito food), Smurf


KiD said...

fwaaaahh... all model haaaa.. nice! nice!
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orang muo said...

artis pompuan korea mmg cantik2..bertubuh langsing kaki panjang... wow :)